San Diego: Exploring More Than the Sun Shiny Beaches

A trip to San Diego made me realize that it is not about the beaches, it is tad more than that. The city is one of the most visited destinations. The year-round perfect weather adds to the beauty of the city. The Mexican influence of the city is extended over to its mouthwatering cuisine. There are a plethora of things to do here. Take a look at my list of things to do when you visit San Diego.

Balboa Park

This park has this top-class zoo. I have seen nothing like it. The park covers an area of 1200 acres which includes the zoo, museums, and cultivated areas. You will find garden around the park where there are over 350 plant species. The primary attraction of the park is the Botanical Building. This is the largest lath building consisting over 2,100 plants. There is a pond containing lotuses and lilies.


Visit this harbor-front to take a walk. There are interesting sights and many shops. The eateries here serve delicious food. Most of the interest of Embarcadero is floating on water at the heritage ships and USS Midway belonging to the Maritime Museum of San Diego. I took a boat tour from here to try my luck at spotting whales. If you are fortunate enough to visit in November, you can be a part of the wine and food festival that takes place.

Us Midway Museum

This is the longest carrier of aircraft in the world and is moored at Embarcadero of San Diego since 2004. It has been commissioned in 1945 and has served in the Vietnam War along with the Operation Desert Storm. If you want you can go for a self-guided tour like me. This has 30 restored aircraft which includes 14 jets aircraft and 8 propeller planes.