Tavira – The Traditional Town of Portugal City

Image result for Tavira CityI absolutely loved my experience of Tavira City. This city is like no other, it is a combination of everything one would need in a vacation. It is the best combination of culture and beaches, still maintaining the contemporary cuisines and its splendid weather conditions. Tavira city was a package for me to visit.

Praia Do Barril

Praia Do Barril is the pristine beach among the other beaches Portugal city has to offer. Nor is it just inexplicably beautiful, but it also has the setting of the Cemeterio Das Anchorãs, that is the Anchor cemetery. The anchors from hundreds of centuries have been marked there; it is one of the iconic places I visited in Tavira. This beach gained its named in 1895 as the anchor cemetery beach. And there were many other beaches we visited for relaxation.

Historical Lanes

Being the traditional town it is Tavira has to offer several historical scenic lanes down its streets. It is filled with its Moorish streets and it’s cobbled up lanes with its brick tinted houses alongside the lanes. Visiting Tavira center gave a feeling of warmth and the real culture it contains. The streets are worth a stroll. The center of Tavira for its historic architecture can be explored over bikes on rent. They cost 5 euros to 7 euros on hourly basis.

Olhão and Cabanãs

Olhão and Cabanãs offered me the most amazing dining experience I have ever had. These cities apart from offering me the golf courses and countryside feels, the food took me down every lane of this city. Every restaurant here offered hand cooked authentic meals from their very own citizens. Most of them were senior and very well acquainted with the kind of food they offered. The one restaurant Otonel, It is a must visit. The cook there is the granny-aged 65 years, she prepares this absolute home cooked meals giving you a warm feeling.