What to See When You are in Kampot, Cambodia?

Related imageThe Kampot in Cambodia is one of the cities that have natural settings to offer you a thrilling and entertaining trip. This is a place that is known for its historical temples, attractive beaches, great food, and festivities.

Major Attractions of Kampot  


  • Teuk Chhu Zoo


This is a mini zoo that you find about 8 kilometers north of Kampot. This zoo houses a huge variety of fauna. It is located among fruit plantations and gardens. You get to see animals like gibbons, young elephants, lemurs, lions, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this zoo along with my young children.


  • Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple


This is Cambodia’s one and only cave temple. The temple has been hidden inside a cave for over 1300 years and it depicts Funan architecture and style. I was amazed by the limestone cave and its heritage and was a sight to behold in the eyes.


  • Zipline River Park


I am interested in a bit of thrill and adventure and hence really enjoyed my trip to this river park. It was commissioned in March 2016. I really liked walking on the bamboo steps to reach the tree top. It also loved rowing on the Kampot River and enjoyed the floating bar and other adventure activities here.


  • Bokor National Park


If you love nature and its serenity, then this 14,000-hectare park will surely interest you. The park is home to a wide range of wild animals like tigers, foxes, elephants, and many reptile species. You will come across rivers, waterfalls, attractive flora, and also enjoy hiking trips and jungle trails in this national park.


  • Local Handicrafts


I love to shop and one of the major things to shop in Kampot is the handicrafts. These goods are made by the locals by making use of raw materials like coral, seashells, bamboo, etc. They are sold along the beaches and at popular tourist spots.