What to See When You are in Kampot, Cambodia?

Related imageThe Kampot in Cambodia is one of the cities that have natural settings to offer you a thrilling and entertaining trip. This is a place that is known for its historical temples, attractive beaches, great food, and festivities.

Major Attractions of Kampot  


  • Teuk Chhu Zoo


This is a mini zoo that you find about 8 kilometers north of Kampot. This zoo houses a huge variety of fauna. It is located among fruit plantations and gardens. You get to see animals like gibbons, young elephants, lemurs, lions, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed this zoo along with my young children.


  • Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple


This is Cambodia’s one and only cave temple. The temple has been hidden inside a cave for over 1300 years and it depicts Funan architecture and style. I was amazed by the limestone cave and its heritage and was a sight to behold in the eyes.


  • Zipline River Park


I am interested in a bit of thrill and adventure and hence really enjoyed my trip to this river park. It was commissioned in March 2016. I really liked walking on the bamboo steps to reach the tree top. It also loved rowing on the Kampot River and enjoyed the floating bar and other adventure activities here.


  • Bokor National Park


If you love nature and its serenity, then this 14,000-hectare park will surely interest you. The park is home to a wide range of wild animals like tigers, foxes, elephants, and many reptile species. You will come across rivers, waterfalls, attractive flora, and also enjoy hiking trips and jungle trails in this national park.


  • Local Handicrafts


I love to shop and one of the major things to shop in Kampot is the handicrafts. These goods are made by the locals by making use of raw materials like coral, seashells, bamboo, etc. They are sold along the beaches and at popular tourist spots.

Joo Chiat – A Neighborhood in East Singapore

Related imageWhile most people stop by the common neighborhoods of Singapore, there are certain lesser known places to explore as well. One of these is Joo Chiat that I discovered in the eastern part of Singapore.

History of the Place

It is known to be home to the Peranakans and here you find several stores, shop houses, and eateries of their heritage and culture. Joo Chiat is a beautiful place that was told to me by the owner of Dashing Maids in the U.S.  It is aptly named after a wealthy landowner of Chinese origin who owned most of the lands here. The area has buildings that showcase the architecture of the pre-war period.  This is evident in the terrace houses, shophouses that are colorful and two-storeyed and all having ceramic tiles, ornate facades, and intricate motifs.

Hallmarks of the District

I discovered that the culture of the locals here is best discovered by the items they sell as well as the food they eat. Peranakans is a word that signifies people of Indonesian or Malay of origin.

Rumah Bebe is a place I stopped by to shop for an authentic souvenir from here; popular are chopsticks that you can pick which have Peranakan motifs as well as accents. Many porcelain collectibles here are worth exploring or buying.

To taste the food here there are several eateries where you can taste the local food. For instance, you can enjoy laksa which is a coconut milk noodle soup, kueh chan or dumplings, and other delicacies.

There are traditional outfits to shop for as well. I debated between picking up a sarong or a kebaya which is a nonya dress which one can pair with different accessories like beaded slippers.

I spent a night here at a refurbished hotel that had décor inspired by the local culture which I would recommend to others as well. There are several budget-stays possible in this area.

Hobart: Explore the Most Southerly City of Australia

Image result for hobart australiaIt is a beautiful setting that attracted me to Hobart. The capital city of Tasmania used to be a penal colony and convicts used to be sentenced here with years of hard labor. With galleries, museums, and stunning architects, the city is never going to run out of things to offer to the visitors. Sailing is the favorite pastime of the city. Here’s my list of things to do when you are in Hobart.

Catch the View from Mount Wellington

Often clad with snow, Mount Wellington is situated on the west of Hobart. A narrow road stretching for 21 kilometers is going to take up the summit through the rain forest and also the subalpine scenery. I truly enjoyed the breathtaking view of the city. There is also the observations shelter where I came across some old photographs. One of the most famous attractions is Organ Pipes which is popular for rock climbing. If you love biking, you can zoom to the bottom of this peak. There are tours available where an expert will guide you to the summit and provided a bike to trail back down.

Take a Day Trip to Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a World Heritage site is almost 95 kilometers South of Hobart. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions and will remind you of the convict life. Take a tour of the guard tower, prison, hospital, and also the museum. I also took the ghost tour at night which sent a chill down my spine.

Visit the Botanical Garden

Royal Tasmanian is a botanical garden where you can spend some relaxing time amidst nature. It offers a view of the Derwent River. The garden had been laid out in the year 1818. I also enjoyed every bit that it had to offer to start from the vegetable patch to the sub-Antarctic plant house.

Tavira – The Traditional Town of Portugal City

Image result for Tavira CityI absolutely loved my experience of Tavira City. This city is like no other, it is a combination of everything one would need in a vacation. It is the best combination of culture and beaches, still maintaining the contemporary cuisines and its splendid weather conditions. Tavira city was a package for me to visit.

Praia Do Barril

Praia Do Barril is the pristine beach among the other beaches Portugal city has to offer. Nor is it just inexplicably beautiful, but it also has the setting of the Cemeterio Das Anchorãs, that is the Anchor cemetery. The anchors from hundreds of centuries have been marked there; it is one of the iconic places I visited in Tavira. This beach gained its named in 1895 as the anchor cemetery beach. And there were many other beaches we visited for relaxation.

Historical Lanes

Being the traditional town it is Tavira has to offer several historical scenic lanes down its streets. It is filled with its Moorish streets and it’s cobbled up lanes with its brick tinted houses alongside the lanes. Visiting Tavira center gave a feeling of warmth and the real culture it contains. The streets are worth a stroll. The center of Tavira for its historic architecture can be explored over bikes on rent. They cost 5 euros to 7 euros on hourly basis.

Olhão and Cabanãs

Olhão and Cabanãs offered me the most amazing dining experience I have ever had. These cities apart from offering me the golf courses and countryside feels, the food took me down every lane of this city. Every restaurant here offered hand cooked authentic meals from their very own citizens. Most of them were senior and very well acquainted with the kind of food they offered. The one restaurant Otonel, It is a must visit. The cook there is the granny-aged 65 years, she prepares this absolute home cooked meals giving you a warm feeling.

San Jose: Find Out the Cool and Unusual Things to Do

Image result for California in San Jose

The third largest city of California in San Jose; offer you a plethora of things to try out. It is primarily popular for its high tech industry. In fact, it is also called the Capital of Silicon Valley. Living in this city doesn’t come at a cheap price. You have to be fairly affluent if you have to buy a property here. There is a wide range of places to visit in the city. Take a quick look at some of these places.

The Winchester Mystery House

In case you are looking for something different, you should check out this attraction. It used to be the property of Sarah Winchester, William Winchester’s widow. According to the historical facts, it took 38 years to complete the construction of this house. Work was ongoing until the time she died. I found the maze rooms to be quite interesting. The alcoves here do not have a plan in place.

Tech Museum of Innovation

Want to spend some time with your family, this a great place to be. Initially, this museum had been set up in a garage and it was so popular that after eight years, it moved to 132,000 square foot facility which you can explore today. A visit to this museum told me that its primary aim is to give you a glimpse of Silicon Valley and inspire the next generation.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

This museum is dedicated to the ancient Egyptians. I found the largest collection of items from ancient Egypt. Even the architectural style of the building took me by surprise. It will surely make you feel that you are in Egypt. There are many notable exhibits in the museum such as Cleopatra VII stone figure and the statue of Taweret.

San Francisco: Exploring the Hub of Excitement

Image result for San Francisco city

San Francisco is the city where you will find an assortment of activities. The city is full of thrill and excitement. What I loved most about the city were the restaurants. These have some of the best chefs and food here is delectable. There is so much to do in here and you are never going to run out of options. Take a look at my list of things you need to do when you are in the city.

Cross the Golden Bridge

In between Marin County and San Francisco, you will find the Golden Gate Bridge. No doubt, this is a spectacle to marvel at. It had been opened in 1937 and was the longest suspension bridge to be created during that time. Believe it or not, the bridge carries millions of people every year with its 6 lanes. The view from the bridge is just excellent.

Drop in at Fisherman’s Wharf

One of the known waterfront community of the city is to be found at Fisherman’s Wharf. I had the best dining experience here. Starting from outdoor stands to the gourmet restaurants, you will delectable food items. I also took a tour of the area such as the walking boat and Segway. There are more of them to be explored.

Spend Time at Golden Gate Park

Millions of visitors visit this park every year. I found this to be one of the amazing places in San Francisco. The beautiful green space covers an area of 1017 acres. This is the place to spend a relaxing time with your family. Here there are activities and events that you can enjoy. Click some photographs with a splendid green background.

Visit Union Square

This neighbor has the maximum football in San Francisco. Here, you will find a huge collection of fancy hotels, retail outlets, art galleries, cafes, and an active nightlife. It will prove to be an entertaining visit.

San Diego: Exploring More Than the Sun Shiny Beaches

A trip to San Diego made me realize that it is not about the beaches, it is tad more than that. The city is one of the most visited destinations. The year-round perfect weather adds to the beauty of the city. The Mexican influence of the city is extended over to its mouthwatering cuisine. There are a plethora of things to do here. Take a look at my list of things to do when you visit San Diego.

Balboa Park

This park has this top-class zoo. I have seen nothing like it. The park covers an area of 1200 acres which includes the zoo, museums, and cultivated areas. You will find garden around the park where there are over 350 plant species. The primary attraction of the park is the Botanical Building. This is the largest lath building consisting over 2,100 plants. There is a pond containing lotuses and lilies.


Visit this harbor-front to take a walk. There are interesting sights and many shops. The eateries here serve delicious food. Most of the interest of Embarcadero is floating on water at the heritage ships and USS Midway belonging to the Maritime Museum of San Diego. I took a boat tour from here to try my luck at spotting whales. If you are fortunate enough to visit in November, you can be a part of the wine and food festival that takes place.

Us Midway Museum

This is the longest carrier of aircraft in the world and is moored at Embarcadero of San Diego since 2004. It has been commissioned in 1945 and has served in the Vietnam War along with the Operation Desert Storm. If you want you can go for a self-guided tour like me. This has 30 restored aircraft which includes 14 jets aircraft and 8 propeller planes.

San Antonio: Plan Tour to San Antonio for an Awesome Time

Image result for San Antonio city

I am a travel lover and keep on moving to new cities to explore the hidden beauty of places. My latest destination was San Antonio. The official name of this city is the City of San Antonio. In Texas, San Antonio is the second biggest one in terms of population and it is the oldest municipality of Texas.  Some of the places I visited and like most in the city are the popular one. Here, I am sharing my experience that will help you in planning your trip to San Antonio. I started my trip to the city from the very famous Alam


This is a historical place and you will get lots of information about San Antonio city, its culture and tradition after being to this place. The original make of this place is Missión San Antonio.

Historical Park San Antonio Mission

This park is very famous among the people of San Antonio, I got to know about this park from locals only and when I visited the place, I found it quite interesting. They have got the recognition of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The park has four out of five Spanish frontier missions. The place is peaceful and gives you lots of knowledge about the past; I was not interested in history, so I observed its beauty and head to my next destination.

Seaworld San Antonio

My next destination was SeaWorld and it was unbelievable to see things here. This marine mammal park spread in the area of 250-acres. You will see here oceanarium, and there is an animal theme park as well. This is the largest marine life theme park in the world.

The other places I went and liked most include natural bridge caverns, the botanical garden of the city. I recommend every travel to see these places.